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Since 4 was launched in February 2004, the social networking site Facebook has been enthralling millions of hearts users. Start school students, housewives, celebrities, to politicians, social networks now have a facebook. Thanks to the advances in technology, now we can update the status on facebook and photos every time. It seems, now have
less when every day does not go to this site and conducting activities "facebook-ing."

Benefits facebook is not only socially, but also a means of communication, looking for work, to the campaign. Unfortunately, busy work especial facebook make a lot of people now spend more time working instead. It is not surprising that many companies began implementing policies mengeblok this site in the office. A research also shows the relationship between the increasing number facebook with divorce in England and Australia.

Well, if you include people in his life began to be a facebook? See 10 signs below.

1. Facebook is the homepage internet in your notebook or your computer

2. You change the status of more than two times a day and diligently on friend status changes.

3. Your friend's list already exceeds the number 500 and half of the almost unknown.

4. When you're away from your computer, you mencek facebook via BlackBerry, iPhone or other smart phone.

5. Diligently read the profile friend more than two times a day, although he does not send a message or men-tag in your image.

6. You change your profile picture more than 12 times.

7. You read this article while mencek facebook.

8. You clean the "wall" that has been shown not to fb.

9. You become a member of more than 10 groups and respond to any invitation even though not actually interested.

10. You change your relationship status to only increase in popularity of facebook.

Some characteristics Additional Author ...

11. Quick came the office and the Slow backing.

12. Sleep late afternoon and sleepy, eyes glassy as many bug.

13. Sebel again if the dead lamp.

14. Computers / Laptop equipped Cooller Fan Online continuously because

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