Sabtu, 21 November 2009

10 jam modern yang Brilliant

10 jam modern yang Brilliant

Top 10 Brilliant Watch Designs

Today’s post showcases ten brilliant wristwatch designs. Enjoy!

10 - EleeNo Japanese RADAR Watch

Radar is an innovative design inspired by…you guessed it… a radar screen. The outer arc represents the minutes and the inner arc indicates the hour.

EleeNo Japanese RADAR Watch

EleeNo Japanese RADAR Watch 2

09 - Seiko Paper Watch

The unique electronic paper display module in this Seiko watch is the result of a joint development effort, bringing together E Ink’s ‘electronic ink’ technology and Seiko Epson’s advanced display manufacturing and electronic circuitry techniques. When combined, these technologies offer a wide range of display design possibilities - including flexibility!

Seiko Paper Watch

08 - Retro Icon Watch

Retro Icon Watch

Retro Icon Watch 2

07 - Seiko Discus Watch

This gorgeous new watch from Seiko Japan uses a series of spinning aluminum discs to display the current time.

Seiko Discus Watch

06 - More or Less Watch

This watch offers you two ways of looking at the passing of time - around the circumference of the dial the words “one more, one less” slowly revolve. This presents a balanced way of viewing the passing of time in our lives.

More or Less Watch

More or Less Watch 2

05 - Abacus Magnetic Watches

The Abacus series of watches has no hands at all. Instead, there’s just a single steel sphere that rolls around inside the watch as you move your wrist around. But as soon as you level out to a horizontal position, a magnet behind the dial stops the ball at the current time.

Abacus Magnetic Watches

04 - Swatch Infinity Watch

Mp3/Video/Photo Player Watch by Pierre Merlet

Swatch Infinity Watch

Swatch Infinity Watch 2

03 - F1 Carbon Watch

Designed by John Pszeniczny the F1/Carbon GMT is inspired by F1 racing and is constructed of carbon fiber, Swarovski crystal, rubber and metal.

F1 Carbon Watch

02 - Diesel Multi Display Watch

Five miniature movements are aligned vertically and curved to lie comfortably on the wrist. The stainless steel case has etched airport codes corresponding to NY, LA, London, Paris and Tokyo on its side and is attached to a black genuine leather strap.

Diesel Multi Display Watches

01 - Transformers Watch

The robot detaches and if almost by magic transforms into a free standing robot.

Watch in Disguise Transformers Watch

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